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What is Safe Creative?

Safe Creative is the largest electronic copyright registry. Learn about some terms in our glossary.

The registration of authorship in Safe Creative provides the author with irrefutable technological proof of his declaration and the consequent protection of his rights (Berne Convention - UN). It is therefore highly advisable to register a work before "moving" it, in order to have a first declaratory proof of its authorship, to publish the work or send previous versions with peace of mind, knowing that the best proof is available in time against those who might be tempted to attribute it.

See our glossary: http://en.safecreative.net/glossary/

The main differences between the registration of authorship in a traditional registry and Safe Creative are:

The copyright proof is based  On the administrative presumption of truthfulness granted by the law of the country concerned to the official registering the author's statement On the technological evidence that constitutes the identification of the work with 3 different cryptographic fingerprints, and of the date by the application of a qualified time stamp, redounded with a daily audit process on blockchain. 
International validity The presumption of veracity of the officer is valid in his own country. Forensic examination of technological evidence is valid in all jurisdictions.
Operational  Normally in person, with work formats in some cases defined and restricted by internal regulations.  On line 24 x 7 in any format that allows the identification of the work.

Safe Creative also offers complementary services such as optional public information of the work, registration of related rights (production, distribution, illustration, etc.), registration of "copyleft" licenses, labeling, metadata, link to informative pages of the author, etc.



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