Safe Creative is the largest registration online of property intellectual
We are a team specializing in legal solutions and technologies that seeks to guarantee that the talent and efforts of creators are respected in the market.
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we know how much it costs to make something unique
We give you tools to protect your artistic, scientific or literary creation from misuse:
We prevent illicit use
We deliver a "Protected Work" seal to scare away those who want to use your work without permission.
We certify the authorship
We provide a Certificate of Authorship that identifies all the details of the work with a total guarantee.
We register the rights
We generate a Certificate of the rights with which you register the work: free license or with Copyright.

Our goal is to protect your creations

We combine legal and technological knowledge so that your rights are respected:
  • Around the world. Proof of authorship is valid in the jurisdictions of all signatory countries of the Berne Convention and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • With any format. There are no limits or specifications for the format of your creations.
  • In 3 minutes and online. You don't wait for a prior appointment or go to an office with your documents. You register your creation and it is already protected to share it without risks.
  • Forever. The registration recognizes the authorship of the creation at a specific time and is forever, even if you are no longer a Safe Creative user.
galería digital

We have developed a technological process that serves as legal proof throughout the world

More than 5 million creations are being protected with guarantees valid beyond European legislation thanks to an expertly unquestionable registration process:
Triple cryptographic identification
We guarantee the permanent integrity of the creation thanks to a triple encryption process certified by an authority with European qualification independent of Safe Creative.
Double timestamp
We corroborate date and time of registration in 2 parallel processes using the tool of an authority with European qualification independent of Safe Creative.
Daily blockchain audit
We reinforce the robustness of the evidence with a daily audit on the Ethereum3 blockchain system to turn it into an expertly unquestionable process with universal legal validity.

and we continue to improve our services to make the internet a safer space for you

We present TIPS, the best information on Intellectual Property

A section specially designed to provide you with practical advice and key news regarding the protection of your copyright: Videos, interviews with creators, opinion pieces, podcasts, and information about the best tools for all creators. Stay up to date with the most relevant current affairs, discover trends, and make inquiries!

Introducing creators, the digital gallery that protects your creations

A gallery included in Safe Creative's Unlimited plans, designed to display only protected works and sell them with the usage rights that you decide.

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We created Safe Stamper, the most efficient and hassle-free digital certification service.

To generate truthful evidence of any digital content, on social networks or web pages. It also certifies the sending of important emails and notifications. Or easily sign documents digitally.

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