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What are certificates of registration?

Safe Creative we offerd three types of registration certificates to inform third parties of registered works and copyright statements made and to expand the demonstrative evidence of authorship in favor of the author::

1) Certificate of registration of the work.

2) Certificate of registration declared rights.

3) Certificate of the creative process of the work.


1) The certificate of registration of a work is a technically irrefutable registration document, independent even of Safe Creative.

This certificate of registration consists of:

  • A proof of identity and integrity of the work composed by a triple identification system: SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 (for registrations prior to 11 of 11 2019 MD5 is displayed instead of SHA256).
  • An equally solid proof of the date and time at which the work was registered: Double time stamping independent for each work, made by Time Stamping of Safe Stamper and by Firma Profesional, a certification authority approved in the European Union.

2) The certificate of registration of declared rights is a document in which appears the information that is registered in Safe Creative regarding the registration and rights registered on a work at that time.

It identifies the work with its registration code, title, author or copyright holder, date of registration and the declared reservation of rights.

3) The certificate of the creative process is the document that gathers all the sketches, notes, intermediate ideas, drafts, etc., dated and time-stamped, that the author kept in his account and that were the basis for the final creative work.


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