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Register your creations and get an authorship proof to defend your rights against unauthorized uses.

/ Get your proof immediately.

/ Use it whenever you need, it does not expire

/ Valid worldwide.

For only €12.40 + taxes

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It only takes 3 minutes

more than 350,000 creators are already registering all kind of works

protect your creations before sharing them is very easy

Get the most valuable evidence to defend your work against plagiarism

/ No need of legal knowledge

We walk you through the process so you understand everything and we solve it with simple questions.

/ With a technology that crosses all borders

The technological evidence we create at Safe Creative is UN approved and valid in all countries.

/ In only 3 minutes you can protect your creation forever.

Your work will be protected as soon as you finish the registration and you will be able to share it immediately.

more than 800 organizations already trust safe creative

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What do people who have tried it say?

“I have been using Safe Creative on behalf of our customers and as a personal tool for over five years. They provide an agile service, reliable, and for a reasonable price. Additionally, their new Safe Stamper features allow us to attest to events taking place on the Internet that impact our customers.”

Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza

Counsel at Pérez-Llorca

We make easy a process that brings together technological and legal specialization

You only register your creation by uploading the file, indicating the type of work and choosing the rights. But what happens next is much more:

We create technological evidence of expertly unquestionable authorship:

  • We identify the work with 3 cryptographic fingerprints to guarantee that the file is unalterable.
  • We record the date and time of registration with a qualified timestamp.
  • We register everything and double it with daily blockchain audits.

We provide evidence of international legal validity:

  • Accepted in all countries that signed the Berne Convention and are recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • And with permanent validity.
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do you want to register several works?

We have a better plan for you


Register without limits the rights of your company or manage on behalf of your clients.

EUR 29/month

taxes not included


Register your own creations without limit, promote and sell your works safely.

EUR 6.50/month

taxes not included

you can also register a work without subscribing

Publish your work without risk of plagiarism for only 12.40€ + VAT

Register creation
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Discover Creators, the gallery where you can exhibit and sell your works included with your Safe Creative subscription.

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Get to know Safe Stamper, generate legally valid evidence to prove everything you need: email sending, contract signing, publications on websites...

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