FAQs Safe Creative - What are the differences between registering authorship in the official registry of a country and Safe Creative?

What are the differences between registering authorship in the official registry of a country and Safe Creative?


  • Provide a valid presumption of authorship, which admits evidence to the contrary.


  • Is not mandatory and does not grant authorship rights, since the author acquires them simply by creating the work.
  • The proof provided by both is based on the date on which the work was already owned and the responsible declaration of authorship was registered; therefore, the greatest protection is achieved by registering the work before making it known, in order to have the best proof in time.

The difference between the two lies in the nature of the proof they provide to the author.

  • The official registration of a country provides a signed document as proof. As it has official status in its country, it is admitted as evidence and the veracity of its content is presumed.
    Safe Creative provides as proof a file with a double time stamp to guarantee the date of registration and which contains the work together with three cryptographic fingerprints of the work to confirm that it is the registered work and that it has not been altered since registration. Additionally this information is recorded daily in an audit trail on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The certificate of an official registry has evidentiary character in its own country because it is an official document. To use it in processes in other countries it is necessary to apostille the certificate and that the country where it is going to be used admits the Hague apostille.
  • The Safe Creative certificate, due to its technical nature, has international validity as it is independent of the administrative scope of the country where it has been generated.

Official registry vs Safe Crreative


Proof of authorsip: Official registry and Safe Creative

Not all countries offer an intellectual property registration service.
These differences are related to authorship registrations, not to other types of registrations of an administrative nature that some local registries may offer.



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