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What is creators and how does it work

What is Creators and how does it work?


Creators is a space where users with a Safe Creative subscription can activate a creator profile, display their works and license their use for remuneration using an NFT system.

You can activate a creator profile and include works:

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  • In the upper general menu go to “Creators”.
  • Click on the upper right area, where it says "My works" to go to your private space.
  • Click on your icon and prepare your biography. Save the changes.
  • Add works by clicking on the “Publish new work” button.
  • Choose at least one of the ones you have registered by clicking “Publish”. Complete the details of the work. Save and then hit “Back”. Your profile is not published yet but you can see how it is doing.
  • To make your profile public, if you already have a biography and work, go back to your icon.
  • Complete the data you want and select the "Activate my creator profile". You can deactivate it at any time.
  • Add more works if you wish by repeating the process.

Sell ​​works:

You can activate the possibility that third parties license authorized uses of your works. An NFT of this contract license will be created with information to the permanent page describing what is authorized, when the buyer makes the payment.


  • If this is the first time you want to activate, you will have to go through a validation process. 
  • Go to "sales" that you will see in your upper right area and complete the licensor data and the documentation that our Stripe partner will request.willvalidated in a period of time that varies (can take several days). Once approved you will be informed and you will be able to activate the licensing in your works.
  • Seeeach of the ones you want and click on the option to edit information about the work or license the work. 
  • Select the type of license you want to activate, exclusive or not, and if it is the second case, what types of uses you facilitate that can be acquired. 
  • Buyers will be able to select the type of use from among the assets for the work.
  • Set the price and you are ready to go. You will receive an email with information when someone buys the license and the commission of our platform will be deducted. An NFT will be generated for the buyer, which will include the link to the permanent page with information on the purchased license. 

Buy works:

Any buyer with a blockchain wallet and a user with or without a Safe Creative subscription can purchase licenses to use works available for it. You can locate the works directly among those that are shown or by accessing the NFT list of works that have the possibility of being licensed activated.

  • Select the work that interests you.
  • Click on “Acquire rights of use (NFT)”.
  • Select the type of license you have active (exclusive, non-exclusive, etc. as indicated). If you wish to license other rights, you must repeat the steps and select another of the rights provided.
  • Follow the payment instructions.
  • Purchased NFTs will be viewable in Metamask at https://portfolio.metamask.io/?tab=nfts.


As a seller, how do I get my money?

  • Stripe will transfer the money you receive on a daily basis to the account you have set up. The first transfer can take up to seven days to receive.

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