Moo. Duk Kwan (Episode 1)
Iván R. Gaset
Palma de Mallorca - Spain
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About the work

Korea, 1921. A young Hwang Kee witnessed how a group of 9 bullies started a fight against an average man. The Grandmaster Hwang Kee was 7 years old. This single average man won the battle in a few moves and the boy asked him if he could teach him. The man replied: "You are too young". Despite this, the young Hwang Kee followed him and went to his house every day, hidden in the forest nearby, and copying the man's training moves.

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Date: Jul 4 2023 22:57 UTC
Author: Iván R. Gaset
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About the creator

Iván R. Gaset
Iván R. Gaset / Literature / Visual arts

Guionista y Director en ocasiones. Responsable del piloto de la adaptación de Enrique Serrano "Donde no te conozcan" (En fase de preproducción) y del espacio "Sólo como última opción". Un espacio sobre la autodefensa femenina para el programa "El PerímetroTV" (Emitido en FIBWI TV a partir de Septiembre de 2023).

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