Rules of the Creators Awards

1. Purpose

Safe Creative, S.L., (hereinafter, SAFE CREATIVE), a Spanish company, with Tax Identity Number (NIF) B99161739 and registered address in Zaragoza (Spain), calle Bari núm. 39, 3ª Planta, registered in the Company Register of Zaragoza, in volume 3534, book 0, page 192, entry 1, organises and announces the Creators Awards, aimed at recognising the creativity of the users of the Safe Creative service (

The Creators Awards will be given out on a monthly basis to works registered on Safe Creative that stand out for their originality, quality and interest, in any of the different categories (literary, audiovisual, image and visual arts or others). An annual prize will also be awarded to the best work among all the prize winners, with higher prize money.

2. Terms and conditions of participation

The winning user will receive notification of the selection of their work as the best work of the month or year by email and must confirm their express acceptance of the prize and these legal bases, by electronic signature, within a period of less than 15 days. natural. Participation in the Creators Awards is free.

An outstanding work will be selected each week from among those published on the Safe Creative exhibition space: Creators. These works will be mentioned and shared on SAFE CREATIVE's social media channels and spaces as selected for the Creators Award. The prize will be awarded to the work with the greatest originality, quality and/or interest out of the four selected each month.

The twelve prize-winning works during the year will in turn be eligible for the annual Creators prize, which will be awarded to the best registered work of the year.

The selection of works and the awarding of prizes will be at the discretion of SAFE CREATIVE, in accordance with its own criteria and evaluations, and will be final. Likewise, SAFE CREATIVE may suspend or declare the prizes void if none of the works submitted meet the minimum requirements. SAFE CREATIVE will contact the winners by the available means (email and/or telephone). Furthermore, if the winner does not respond or it is impossible to contact them, it may select other works or declare the prize void.

Outstanding, selected and prize-winning works will be shared on SAFE CREATIVE channels and spaces, on the website and on social media, together with the name of the author or pseudonym, title, description and a hypertext link or reproduction of the work.

3. Prizes

The awards will consist of a cash prize that will be announced in advance on the website This economic amount will be subject to the corresponding administrative and tax obligations, and SAFE CREATIVE will make the relevant deductions and payments in accordance with Spanish tax regulations. Prize winners must provide SAFE CREATIVE with their identity and tax details in order to carry out the above, as a condition for the awarding of the prizes.

4. Intellectual property rights and liability

The user declares and guarantees that they are the exclusive author and owner of the works submitted or proposed for the Creators Awards, and that the awarding, if applicable, of the prize and the rest of the formalities and requirements that may be necessary in accordance with these rules pose no limitation, condition or obstacle to the above. The requirements, obligations and liabilities established in the Safe Creative Terms and Conditions of Use will apply, as a user of the service, provided that they are not incompatible with the stipulations herein, and in a supplementary manner.

Participation in the Creators Awards does not imply the granting of any license or intellectual property rights or any other rights in favour of SAFE CREATIVE, and the participant will hold all rights to their work. Notwithstanding the above, the participant expressly authorises SAFE CREATIVE to select and share the selected and prize-winning works in accordance with these rules.

The participant is fully responsible for the content of the works registered, exempting SAFE CREATIVE from any type of liability that may be incurred in relation to the creations and their publication or dissemination, the awarding of the prize and its effects, and the infringement of any rights of third parties involved. The above will affect, among others, the honour, privacy and self-image of third parties, personal data, confidential information, copyrights, distinctive signs, patents, business or other secrets, confidentiality commitments, and any other infringement or impairment of rights and interests that may affect third parties.

5. Data protection

Participants in the Creators Awards must provide complete, true, current and verifiable data. In the event of the omission or falsehood of such information, SAFE CREATIVE reserves the right to exclude the corresponding work from its selection and to not award it the prize.

The participant's personal data will be processed by SAFE CREATIVE in accordance with the applicable national and European regulations on the protection of personal data, in order to correctly manage participation in and development of the awards, publication and dissemination on the aforementioned media and spaces, the delivery of the prize money and the fulfilment of legal obligations, all in accordance with these rules. Acceptance and participation necessarily entail the processing of such data for the aforementioned purposes.

The data provided will be retained until the end of the selection processes, the awarding of prizes and compliance with the corresponding administrative and tax obligations. They will be subsequently and duly blocked until the limitation period of any possible legal liabilities arising from the above has elapsed. The user may, at any time, request access to their personal data, their rectification or deletion, as well as exercise their rights to limit their processing, opposition and data portability in accordance with the corresponding regulations, by contacting our Data Protection Officer at If there is any doubt as to your identity, we reserve the right to request your National Identity Card or equivalent.

We also inform you of the possibility of lodging a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you consider that your data have not been processed appropriately.

Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your express consent and outside the cases permitted by these rules and the law. To this effect, participants who win a prize authorise SAFE CREATIVE to capture, reproduce and use their name, surname/s (or pseudonym) and image, individually or as a group, in any advertising or promotional activity related to the Creators Awards, without territorial or time limitation and at no expense. Such images will be used be in accordance with applicable regulations and, in any case, in a way that does not violate the dignity and honour of those concerned, morality and public order.

For all matters not expressly provided for herein, and provided that it is not incompatible, the terms and conditions of the Safe Creative Privacy Policy will apply.

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