05-Sergey Kovchik-Dark days
Sergey Kovchik
Saint - Petersburg - Russian Federation
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About the work

Instrumental, orchestral music, created on the computer. Brief plot: During the repair of the old organ, musical manuscripts of an unknown author were discovered. The author of the photo is "somerfic". Garni Gorge. Armenia. https://somerfic.livejournal.com/2012/11/21/ The album was recorded in 2019.

Registered at Safe Creative

Code: 2002083047116
Date: Feb 8 2020 10:28 UTC
Song producer : Sergey Kovchik
Composer: Sergey Kovchik
License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives 3.0

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About the creator

Instrumental and vocal music, with combined genres, created on the computer. (Caricature (1978) by Valery Ryumin). A short interview for the site Creative People http://people.safecreative.org/showMagazine/16#article1

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