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About the work

Production name: In the shadow of the moon.

Production type: Movie

Genre production: Science fiction, impossible romance.

Logline Project: A planet inhabited by shadows that can only exist in lunar darkness.

Learn more about the film: Astronaut Marcus, after landing on a mysterious lunar planet, discovers that it is inhabited by shadows that can only exist in darkness. Fascinated by this phenomenon, he embarks on an exploration to understand the nature of these creatures and their relationship with lunar light.

During his stay on the shadow planet, Marcus faces the Dark Umbral, an entity that seeks to extinguish the lunar light to maintain its dominance in darkness.

As he struggles to survive and return to Earth, he falls in love with a shadow, defying the conventions of the perception of love and light.

In a desperate attempt to illuminate the shadow planet and reveal its beauty, Marcus inadvertently causes the shadows to die out.

Despite the tragic outcome, Marcus discovers that the duality of light and shadow can coexist in harmony.

Guided by Megandarked Boreal, a mysterious inhabitant of the Moon finds the wisdom to embrace the beauty of light that transforms shadows.

Ultimately, the story challenges conventional notions of light and dark, offering a utopian vision of balance and harmony between opposites.


Marcus, a visionary astronaut who does not believe in God only in science, wants to discover the origin of life by finding himself between the light and the darkness that dwell in him.

Dark Umbral, an ethereal entity that attempts to extinguish the lunar light to maintain its dominance in the darkness.

Megandarked Boreal, mysterious inhabitant of the Moon finds the wisdom to accept the beauty of light that transforms shadows.

Mei Ling, Marcus's best friend, mysterious, wise, protective. Mei Ling is a moon inhabitant who guides Marcus on his journey, sharing the richness of lunar culture and the importance of balancing light and darkness, she falls in love with Marcus.

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Code: 2403097288494
Date: Mar 9 2024 15:30 UTC
Author: Pulgie
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

carlos quiñones
carlos quiñones / Literature

“La suma de todas las irrealidades es la maxima de la creatividad”

Desde el año 2011 me entregue de lleno a mi pasion de escribir vendiendo mi carro, para poder tener el tiempo y dinero necesario para escribir, desde entonces han pasado 13 años y aun continuo escribiendo. Hoy expongo mis guiones para series episodicas y para peliculas de dieferentes generos.

Hoy en dia me encuentro en Estados Unidos, la meca del cine mundial, espero les agrade mis trabajos.

Since 2011 I gave myself fully to my passion of writing by selling my car, to be able to have the time and money necessary to write, since then 13 years have passed and I still continue writing. Today I present my scripts for episodic series and for films of different genres.

Today I am in the United States, the mecca of world cinema, I hope you like my work.

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