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carlos quiñones
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Production name: 7 Flowers

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Alex Von Humboldt, a frustrated bank clerk, will become the best explorer in the world to aspire to be the husband of the only love of his life.

There is something else I would like to share about my production:

This incredible story of adventure, love, and humor takes us around the world in search of the most valuable precious stones, to be able to marry one of the beautiful Suthersmiths sisters.


Frederick Suthersmith; father, gambling addict, ambitious.

Suthersmith Felona; mother, gambler, suffered, dominated.

Sarah: ambitious

Victoria: fiery,

Isabella: angry,

Grace: Fat, gluttonous.

Naomi: lazy,

Dora: envious.

Mary: conceited, proud,

Fred Suthersmith: shy, family servant.

Alex Von Humboldt: main actor, full of phobias, from shy office worker to incredible explorer, in love with Mary.

Pancho Panchito Cochinito: glutton, street fighter, in love with Grace, best friend of Alex Von Humboldt.

Morgan Earp: thief by profession.

Virgil Earp: thief by profession.

Max: bank manager, ambitious, envious.

Uncle Von Humboldt 60: eyepatch, glasses, huge pipe in his mouth, explorer's dress.

Bulldog: strong, feisty, stutterer, glutton, servant of Max, in love with Grace.

Fla: fool, twin, thief.

Fle: fool, twin, thief.

Fli: fool, twin, thief.

Doc Holliday: Enlightened, thief, accomplice with Morgan and Virgil Earp.

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Date: Feb 28 2024 19:27 UTC
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About the creator

carlos quiñones
carlos quiñones / Literature

“La suma de todas las irrealidades es la maxima de la creatividad”

Desde el año 2011 me entregue de lleno a mi pasion de escribir vendiendo mi carro, para poder tener el tiempo y dinero necesario para escribir, desde entonces han pasado 13 años y aun continuo escribiendo. Hoy expongo mis guiones para series episodicas y para peliculas de dieferentes generos.

Hoy en dia me encuentro en Estados Unidos, la meca del cine mundial, espero les agrade mis trabajos.

Since 2011 I gave myself fully to my passion of writing by selling my car, to be able to have the time and money necessary to write, since then 13 years have passed and I still continue writing. Today I present my scripts for episodic series and for films of different genres.

Today I am in the United States, the mecca of world cinema, I hope you like my work.

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