4096 x 4096 pixels JPEG - 2023
Jose Maria de Espona
MADRID - Spain
For personal use and enjoyment.
€ 5

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The licensing price of 5 Euros is only for personal use. I allow free downloading for your evaluation to check quality, pls be honest with the use and payment. A 4K Illustration (4096 x 4096 pixels) (13,65 inches x 13,65 inches at 300 dpi ) (34,68 cm x 34,68 cm at 300 dpi ) done with a combination of techniques, including hand drawing, 3D computer graphics reference model, generative artificial intelligence, generative AI texturing and digital post-processing. A +10K version of the image is available, generated, no resized (11811 x 11811 pixels for poster printing at 100 cm x 100 cm, 300 dpi. Believe me, this high res version is impressive. Pls contact me for availability in higher resolutions, or price and licensing for any other commercial or non commercial public use. The copy you will receive has no watermarked copyright.

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Code: 2310125573692
Date: Oct 12 2023 12:09 UTC
Author: Jose Maria de Espona
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

“Finally creating at the speed of thought!”

Born in Cadiz, 1963. Formed as an Industrial Engineer, as a traditional artist he has received prizes as designer, illustrator and painter. Since 1985, he has been involved in computer graphics for corporate television, documentaries and advertising, doing hundreds of advertising campaigns, printed covers and television identities, or worldwide campaigns as the launching of the Autodesk´s 3DStudio MAX . Also involved in graphic software innovation, he collaborated with his associate Javier Reyes in the creation and worldwide launching of the first 3D cloth simulator , the first procedural texturing tool, the first occlussion map app, the first 3D fluid simulator, the first metaball modeller or the first textured 3D models collection in 1996. He has developed some AI related patents concerning spatial RFID identification and spatial semantics. Currently combines his computer graphics work with an educative career as a professor of generative image proceedings at a private university in Madrid. He also has published some CG related books concerning 3D modelling with the german art editorTASCHEN and with other publishers, and essays about technology, economics and artificial intelligence. He is married and has a daughter.

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