Victor Manuel Betancor Hernandez
Victor Manuel Betancor Hernandez
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“Con los ojos cerrados y los sueños despiertos. Don’t let anyone to take your dreams away, keep dreaming and fly with me...”

Hailing from Spain, I draw inspiration from the striking interplay of black and red hues, as well as the vibrant colors of everyday life. Despite my 20 years in Amsterdam, my heart still yearns for my homeland. Creativity and imagination serve as the keys to unlocking my soul. As a dreamer, I allow my dreams to awaken my senses, guiding me toward my artistic pursuits. I perceive the world through this lens, and the constant beauty surrounding me fuels my inspiration. Vibrant colors, opulence, rhinestones, glass, and the beauty of both men and women drive my creativity.

Describing my style is akin to envisioning a heart as a kaleidoscope of swirling colors and dreams, much like delicate glass adorned with rhinestones, exuding luxury and perfection.

mario a. pena
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