Join Creators and exhibit your creations with legal protection to avoid the use of your work without your consent

A flat rate for international, unlimited and permanent protection

Ideal for independent creators.
Allows you to register, display and sell unlimited works on behalf of a single creator.
USD 9.00
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Ideal for companies.
Allows unlimited registration, display and sale of works on behalf of your organization or your clients.
USD 38.00
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USD 9.00
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USD 38.00
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Registration with © All rights reserved, certificates and additional services.
Have a profile on CREATORS to make yourself known, exhibit works and/or sell licenses on PDF or NFT.
Download certificates and proof of authorship of archived or free works.
Public registry with free licenses
(Creative Commons, etc.)
Add a co-authorship to the registration.
Add registration of economic, acquired or related rights to a work.
USD 20.00
Informative labels.
Submission of sketches of the creative process.
Cease and desist misuse notifications.
Configuration of visibility or privacy of the registered information.
Contribution of attached documents.
Delegated registration
(from 50 represented, expandable)
to manage the registrations.
Certified publication service.
(Accepted by the OEPM).
Registration in the directory of Legal Experts.
Disk space limit
15 GB
100 GB
Much more easy and useful than
maintaining your own website

With Creators you have a 3 in 1

/ A platform designed by professional digital gallery owners

/ Support for registering the copyright of your work

/ Blockchain technology to sell your work risk-free

Do you have questions about how it works?
/ 01
What legal protection do my works have?
/ 02
What technology is behind Creators?
/ 03
What options do I have to sell my work?
/ 04
Does Creators have any kind of exclusivity over my work?
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Do you have questions about the ideal plan?

Choose the annual Professional plan and save 10%


Ideal for indie creators.

Allows unlimited registration, display and sale of works on behalf of a single creator.

USD 97.20/year
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