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MARZO 2023

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Code: 2305204368573
Date: May 20 2023 11:20 UTC
Song producer : Miguel Calderon Coeres
Composer: Nuria Calderón Cortés
Lyricist: Ricardo Bermejo Nascimbene
Composer: Ricardo Bermejo Nascimbene
Composer: Joaquin Roca Martinez
Song producer : Marc Rovira Canudas
Song producer : Ricardo Bermejo Nascimbene
Lyricist: Joaquin Roca Martinez
Lyricist: Nuria Calderón Cortés
Composer: Marc Rovira Canudas
Composer: Miguel Calderon Coeres
Lyricist: Marc Rovira Canudas
Lyricist: Miguel Calderon Coeres
Song producer : Joaquin Roca Martinez
Song producer : Nuria Calderón Cortés
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0

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FIVE / Music

“Discover FIVE Travel through music It is said that music is the language of the soul; This is undoubtedly very true for FIVE. From live concerts to studio sessions and much more, FIVE touches the hearts of fans around the world. Explore the site and discover their music.”

We are FIVE, an Alternative Rock band with touches of Metal, we started our journey as a group in 2020, and since then, we have not stopped taking our songs and fun everywhere.

Our songs stand out for being of a unique and different style, which we achieve by reflecting the personality of each one of us in our compositions, and which gives them that touch of diversity.

From each melody to each lyric, we take care of the smallest detail, with the sole objective of transmitting to our audience the same emotion and fun we feel when we create them.

In February-March 2023 we recorded our 1st EP titled "Madness".

Recorded: Wheel Sound Studio February 2023

Mixed and Mastered by Txosse Ruiz March 2023

Composition and lyrics by FIVE , Barcelona Spain

Photos by Jordi Trujillo @jorditrujillos

Madness EP cover by Joaquin @quimbass5

Explore the website and join us on this journey.

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