GHOST IN HIGH BOOTS (english version)
Guión de largometraje - 2022
Madrid - Spain
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Western Austrian Alps, 1938. Hannah and Hans, a young newlywed couple, come to spend their honeymoon at a mountain hotel with a reputation for being "enchanted". She comes to enjoy . He comes for paranormal experiences. She has been disowned by her family for her relationship with him. He is Jewish. She, ignoring what nazism is, believes that what her relatives have with Hans and his ethnicity is a simple "mania". He, in order not to worry her, tries to hide the truth of the political situation from her, an exercise that becomes impossible as the "Anchluss" becomes a fact. . There will come a time when she open her eyes to the terrible reality that surrounds her. However, by then he will have succumbed to his passion for the occult

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JVSánchez / Literature

“Escribir o explotar ”

Miguel Ángel no concebía la escultura como un proceso de creación, sino como un acto de rescate. No esculpió el Moisés; lo liberó del interior del bloque de mármol donde yacía aprisionado. Yo comparto la creencia de que las historias siguen un proceso similar. Permanecen atrapadas en una dimensión paralela, aguardando a alguien que reconozca su existencia y las traiga a nuestra realidad. Los personajes preceden a los escritores y, por lo tanto, no les pertenecen. Persisten allí incluso si la obra no llega a ver la luz.


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