Spirit of Freedom (2024 Prague Session)
Marc Béziat

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About the work

Music from the 2024 Prague Session

Orchestra: Czech Studio Orchestra, conducted by Mikel Toms

Choir: Vox Pragae, conducted by Miriam Němcová

Music composed by: Marc Béziat

Post-production: Mikel Toms, Mark Edwards, Marc Béziat

Recorded at: Smecky Music Studios, Prague, January 2024

Registered at Safe Creative

Code: 2402126914908
Date: Feb 12 2024 21:10 UTC
Song producer : Marc Béziat
Lyricist: Marc Béziat
Composer: Marc Béziat
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

“Hello, In 2024, I started recording my works with full Choir and orchestra. My music is classical inspirational, both choral and orchestral. Among other things, it has been said about it that it has strong melodic themes, beautiful counterpoint and rich harmonies. Come and discover it if you feel inspired to!”

Marc's musical creativity surged and revealed Itself to him at the age of 28.

Yet, at this moment of his life, he had neither technical knowledge in composition, nor musical instrument practice.

From then on and concurrently to his professional activity, in the IT field at that point, he dedicated his time and energy to acquire the composition skills necessary for his artistic expression.

During one year, he learned as a self-taught. After that, he joined Polyphonies, a school of musical composition teaching, for more than two years.

From the latter part of 2007 onwards, he could finally dedicate his full time to music.

His first album, "Victory of the Spirit", was released in 2008.

In 2009, he released his second album : "Consolation".

His two latest compositions : "The Star of Peace" and "Gloria" were released in December 2009 and September 2010 respectively.

In 2023, he released his full works anew.

In 2024, he started recording his works sung and played by full Choir and Orchestra.

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