Earth mirror #2
Alexandre Sole
Lleida - Spain
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About the work

Part of my Mother Earth series, with this digital work symbolises that when we look into the mirror, what we see is ourselves reflected as Mother Earth, as we are part of it with all its inherent beauty,

The work is in fact a mirror (the lake reflecting the mountains) inside a mirror, an idea that I wanted to play with. If you turn the picture upside down, I think you'll be surprised ;)

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Code: 2404277801144
Date: Apr 27 2024 18:07 UTC
Author: Alexandre Solé Carretero
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

Alexandre Sole
Alexandre Sole / Visual arts

“Seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary”

With the emergence of generative AI, my long-time dormant artistic skills and my passion for photorealism have recently been re-awakened, and my creativity re-ignited.

Since 2023 I am using and experimenting with a suite of AI tools and techniques to produce distinctive works of digital art, in which I try to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.

My current focus is on natural landscapes and on manmade urbanscapes, my main sources of inspiration together with the intriguing yet often fruitful collision of both worlds.


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