The Golden Sun
Stefania Corini
Brescia - Italy
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About the work

The Gold Sun ! The centre of the life

All great civilisations throughout history used this symbol as the real astral religion of creativity and creation, as the embodiment of the source of life and light. The symbol is also associated with the warmth of a heavenly body.

The sun provides us with warmth, life and creative energy, and therefore it is the symbol of warmth, freedom and life. However, we all know that we must not look at the sun.

The colour gold symbolises abundance, wealth, prestige, prosperity and luxury. It is the colour of success, achievements, triumph and optimism. It is associated with quality, prestige, sophistication and elegance. Gold attracts the eye and represents inspiration and the activation of spiritual energy.

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About the creator

Stefania Corini
Stefania Corini / Visual arts

“Energy, music and art together!”

With an innate artistic talent Stefania grows up between the Music of ’70 and ’80 and Art. Her evolution varies from classical studies, abstract in all of their forms to the graphic designer.

When she meets Claudia Ottone – one of the most recognized artists and gallery owners, her nature is revealed in all its forms: she combined energetic and artistic skills to create works of art that are also healing energetic portals!

She’s already being selected as one of 36 artist that the artist Antonio Battaglia identifies and who’ll be included in Pitturiamo's Top Selection to enter the circuit of International artist. Current being part of the virtual exhibitions in Rome, Vienna and Milan,waiting for Paris and New York

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