Paris - France
In limited edition of copies
€ 3,900
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When purchasing this work

Upon purchase, you will receive a license with the acquired rights and access to the work.

About the work

This design is made by our creative team in 2023

The superstition said that black cats attract bad luck, we do not believe in superstitions, and we think black cats are nice and lovely

We dress up the cat with a suit and a bow tie with a pink background

It is a painting digital art; you could place the painting in a digital frame

After buying you will acquire the licence to the work and the image in full definition

Registered at Safe Creative

Code: 2401076574040
Date: Jan 7 2024 09:09 UTC
Author: Carla Moles
License: All rights reserved

More information

About the creator

Hello and welcome to my digital portfolio on this platform. We have a variety of works that have been completed in our agency, as well as some unpublished projects. If you are interested in any unpublished work, please reach out to carla@cmolez.com

Here, you have the opportunity to purchase the designs created by our team. Upon purchase, you will be able to download the original file along with the rights. If you are interested in acquiring works without a listed price, please contact us directly.

Please note that we are vigilant against individuals attempting to steal our data and work without proper compensation. We dedicate considerable time and effort into our creations, so we kindly ask that you ensure your purchases are made directly through carla@cmolez.com

Our office is located in Barcelona.

Best regards.

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