B Lynne - Scattered Ashes (No Lead Melody)
Lynne Publishing
Stavern - Norway
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About the work

A haunting and ambient track with a contemplative, slow, thoughtful and wistful feel. Introspective, melancholic and reflective, this music has a dark beauty. (Stem files available.)

moody, melancholy, mellow, melancholic, wistful, reflective, thoughtful, contemplation, contemplative, reflective, reflection, ambient, mystery, mystical, mysterious, haunting, dreamy, dream like, dreaming, dream, beauty, dark beauty, silk, silky, velvet, velvety, thoughts, mellow, sad, sadness, loss, isolation, hope, hopeless, death, remembrance, remembering, sorrow, sorrowful, death, ashes, emotional, emotive, poignant, contemplative, pensive, ethereal, atmospheric, moody, somber, introspective, brooding, enigmatic, enigma, desolate, eerie, hauntingly beautiful, introspection, lonely, lonesome, introspective, ambient beauty, mournful, yearning, mysterious beauty, profound, pensiveness, deep, tranquil, serene, subtle, soft, delicate, cinematic, cinematic beauty, cinematic atmosphere, cinematic contemplation, cinematic reflection, ambient reflection, ambient introspection, ambient contemplation, ambient beauty, ambient atmospheric, atmospheric beauty, ambient mood, mysterious mood, mysterious atmosphere, subtle beauty, subtle atmosphere

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Code: 2312196438733
Date: Dec 19 2023 19:54 UTC
Rights holder: Lynne Publishing
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

“Premium Production Music company with thousands of music tracks in every style and genre, available for quick and easy licensing.”

Lynne Publishing is a Stock Music / Production Music label operating from Norway, with artists from all over Europe, USA, UK, and many other countries, collaborating to continually add new high-quality music to our catalogue. We have music by over 200 artists and we have licensed our music to every kind of production, from personal travel videos, to exercise programmes, Netflix shows, TV commercials, feature films, YouTube videos, Documentaries, Sports channels, and a thousand other types of uses.

We have a large catalogue of professional music tracks, created by pro musicians and producers, available to license directly from us. Contact us any time at info@shockwave-sound.com or check our website www.Shockwave-Sound.com

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