Nezumi Aviera Mustard closeup
Mario A.P.
San Sebastian - Spain
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About the work

Within the vast domain of horology sits the Nezumi Aviera watch, embodying the essence of exploration. More than just a timepiece, it stands as a luminous guide for the ever-curious wanderer. Each tick mirrors an adventurer's passion, while every tock reflects bold steps taken on uncharted paths. Undoubtedly, it's the definitive wrist companion for genuine voyage enthusiasts.

Registered at Safe Creative

Code: 2310035471583
Date: Oct 3 2023 18:36 UTC
Author: Mario A. Pena
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

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About the creator

Mario A.P.
Mario A.P. / Visual arts / Music

“Taking pictures for the Public Domain”

I write and take pictures. Sometimes I even make short videos. I have some knowledge of copyright matters, open licenses and similar matters. Most of my pictures are licensed under CC by-sa. If you need something in particular, let me know: I might have it.

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