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What does it mean to buy the NFT of a work?

Buying the NFT of a work is buying a license for its use or commercial exploitation.

An NFT is a unique digital code or token. The reliability of the information it contains and the link with its owner are unquestionable because they are registered in a decentralized block chain (Polygon). In this way, when acquiring the NFT of a work, what is acquired in reality are the rights of use or exploitation of the work, referenced in an unalterable way in the NFT itself. In this sense, the NFT is a digital token that represents the title of ownership of the rights of the work.

You can acquire, for example, the rights to a song, with certain conditions, such as: without exclusivity and only for use in synchronization mixes for advertising videos. Or you can acquire all the economic rights of the work, as an exclusivity and for an unlimited time, which ultimately implies full ownership of it.

In either case, the buyer acquires an NFT with the information that identifies the work and describes the uses of which it is the owner.

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