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How to buy works in Creators:

Any buyer with a portfolio of crypto assets and a user with or without a Safe Creative subscription can acquire licenses to use works available to them. You can directly locate the works that show a price —closed or open— or access to NFT listing.

To acquire the license NFT of a work, you must indicate the code of the Metamask digital wallet in which you wish to receive the NFT. Once the payment is made in local currency, with a credit card (VISA / Master Card...), Creators facilitates the download of the work and sends the license to the buyer's wallet.

Steps to follow:


  • Select the work that interests you.
  • Click on “Acquire usage rights (NFT)”.
  • Select the type of license you have active (exclusive, non-exclusive, etc. as indicated). Or request a quote for the desired use licenses.
  • Follow the payment instructions.
  • You will get a link to download the work and in your wallet the NFT* with the information of the rights acquired.

*Purchased NFTs can be viewed on Metamask at https://portfolio.metamask.io/?tab=nfts.


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