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What is and how does itemized registration of music work?

In the case of making a music registration using a recording of the work we have to notice that these works use to have, at least, two authorship rights to declare: Those of the author or authors of the composition and of the recording producers; those who generate the record of the music being played in a music file such as mp3, flac, ogg or similar. Also it’s very common that we also need to declare the author of the lyric of the song should there be one.

When you register a song you may specify those existing rights that might be of the same person or of different ones in some extent.

When you register a musical work we’ll ask you for this three different authorship declarations you’ll be able to declare in your name or in other co-authors (should you have a professional account or make use of an individual paid professional work registration).

What does each term mean?

Author - composition: This is means the authorship of the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic composition.
Author - lyric: Of the lyric of the song should there be it. If the composition is without lyric we’ll leave this unmarked.
Author - recording: Whoever has recorded the musical interpretation of the work in the uploading file. This could be the same person who’s author of both or one of the previous items using her or his own computer, a specialized recording studio or any other person or entity. If what you’re registering is not an audio file, leave this unmarked.


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