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Can TV and similar formats be registered?

Depending on the characteristics of the work, and existing even different arguments amongst lawyers, it may be questionable whether a script ,TV format (a specific, structural layout and the way to locate and develop the content of the programs) or similar should be considered a literary or artistic work, and therefore deserving the protection of copyright itself. Therefore in cases where the author or creator of the format of a television show had to go to a judicial or expert to defend their legitimate rights and interests, the legal defense could be based, among others, both in existing intellectual property law and unfair competition.

Still in any legal defense strategy an effective proof of authorship is needed, so registering a script or television format in Safe Creative is a piece of evidence that provides strong protection against plagiarism and usurpations, beyond consideration of the type of work a format, television script or similar to be considered.

Based on what is known about judgments worldwide, there are developments on the TV format that, if existing, can be a clear advantage for the registrant. In general we can say that the more information and more detailed about the format we are, the better. Below we list some elements that should be ready for the registration but might be many more:

- Running order / script with the detailed and extensive explanation of the program to be done, including phrases, detailed mechanics, details on lighting, presenters, sections, times, music, setting, etc.
- Bible Pilot program.
- Recording of an example of a pilot program: This is one of the best elements we can register in order to achieve the protection granted by law. While it is important to point out that it is not always possible to create a pilot episode with all the production of the final product, it can be emulated in an mockup way, how would that future pilot program be. It is not absolutely necessary to have, for example, professional presenters or, for example, or real contestants, but it can be done, with some actors an accurate staging of an episode.
- Registration of trademarks and trade names in trademark and patent offices. This is a complementary element to the Safe Creative registration, but it will support the registration.

Except for the trademark, the rest of the elements can be registered in Safe Creative; at once by including them all in a compressed file for example, or by creating several registrations for each different element, and thus several complementary proofs.

For registrations of other similar formats the same pattern applies.

We recommend to read this: http://en.safecreative.net/2020/02/21/registration-of-tv-formats-and-the-like/



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