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How to sell my works in Creators?

You can sell each work in the way you want: exclusively to a single buyer, thus ceding all rights; without exclusivity so that the buyer acquires a copy for his personal use and enjoyment; or allowing the buyer to request a budget indicating the characteristics that the license needs.. here you have one list of licenses that they can solicit you.

This is the process to activate the sale of works in your space:

  • Go to "sales" that you will see in your upper right area and complete the license information and the documentation that our partner Stripe will request. It will be validated in a period of time that varies (it can take several days). Once approved you will be informed and you will be able to activate the licensing in your works.
  • Go to each of them and select “NFT Licenses” or select several and then indicate “Offer for sale”.
  • Select the type of license you want to activate, exclusive or not, and if you agree to receive proposals requested by the buyer. (you can create both)
  • In the first case, you set the price and you're done. You will receive an email with information when someone buys the license and the commission of our platform will be deducted. An NFT will be generated for the buyer, which will include the link to the permanent page with information on the license purchased.

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