Romance de luna
Francisco Albiac Samper
Sevilla - Spain
For personal use and enjoyment.
€ 100
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Poema perteneciente a la obra Leyenda de La Reina Mora

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Date: Jul 6 2023 16:20 UTC
Author: Francisco Albiac Samper
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

“Paco Albiac is a writer whose pen captivates and transports the reader to imaginary worlds. With an exquisite literary style and a thrilling plot, the author has won a place in the hearts of readers, being recognized for his ability to build complex characters and enveloping atmospheres.”

I was born in the magical city of Seville, when my country was recovering from a bloody war. Since I was a child, my interests were directed towards art. I used to invent worlds and universes full of princesses and dragons, where I was the hero who rescued them. These worlds filled me more than the precarious reality of those times. I was also captivated by the flamenco rhythms and melodies that could be heard in the streets. They helped to alleviate the grey everyday life that surrounded us.

As a young man, I became a musician. I worked with flamenco artists until I discovered blues and jazz. I traveled the world and eventually settled in San Francisco, California. There, I embraced my true passion: literature. Today, I write and write, and I have published several books, one in English and three in Spanish. In this virtual corner, I hope to share my ideas and concerns with you.

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