Abstract - Bubbles and Pearls #16
Dolors Pascual
Lleida - Spain
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About the work

Abstract digital painting. Collection Bubbles and Pearls #16

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Code: 2303093758956
Date: Mar 9 2023 11:16 UTC
Author: Dolors Pascual
License: All rights reserved

About the creator

Dolors Pascual
Dolors Pascual / Visual arts

Dolors Pascual (also known as D. Pascual) is an abstract digital painter, which collection of paintings is incredibly vivid, shining and colourful, but also made of refractions and dispersions. Some of her biggest collections, exposed here, are: "Bubbles and Pearls", "Drone and Map", "Lithosphere", "Garden", "Flowers", "Another World", "Urban", "Graffiti", "Cosmos" and "The Beginning of Life". This artist puts special attention to the four elements of nature: fire, water, air, and earth. The seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The nature: sky, water, sun, sea, flowers, gardens, maps and bird sights; its meteorological phenomenons: rainbow, snow, and etcetera. The urban cities, their gardens and walls. Textures such as sand, or with their own collections: "Silk" and "Mother-of-pearl". Of course, some other rare and terrific collections like "Eyes", "Taken", "Cosmos", "Mythology" and the sci-fi "Another World".


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