Vientos De Arena
J.L. Diazgranados
Medellín - Colombia
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About the work

Un mirada, talvez... tintes, pero, algo hay ahí.

Arena, sangre, sudor, ideas, líneas,

contornos, pinceladas.

Una pequeña pintura de hace ya años...

Donde busca erróneamente ser alguien,

pero ahora no necesito de eso, con

ser hijo de Dios, lo tengo todo.

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Date: Mar 8 2024 04:31 UTC
Author: Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo
License: All rights reserved

About the creator

Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo, better known as J.L. Diazgranados, is a Colombian writer, poet, artist, voice actor and video game developer. He was born in Santa Marta, Colombia. In his childhood he showed interest in writing as a curious, troubled, restless and imaginative child. He began writing and reciting poems for special or commemorative events at the Liceo Celedón school where he graduated as a bachelor. At the end of 2010 he began to write more focused poems as a literary genre. He graduated as a Technologist in video game development at Sena, excelling in several arts. He took first place at Tecnobot 2012 developing a video game in three days. For 2014 he participated as a voice actor playing the antagonist of the story "The Man with White Gloves" in the short film Control Z.

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