Theism and Atheism An Epistemological Evaluation
Atilio Gonzalez Hernandez
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain
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Given the fact that that almost six philosophers are firm atheists for each one who is a firm theist, the author poses the following rhetorical questions: a) Is the existence of God still an interesting subject for philosophy? b) Is it consistent for a follower of philosophy to declare his certainty concerning the existence of God? c) Could the atheistic philosopher justifiably proclaim the end of the metaphysical pretensions of every religion? and , d) What precautions should one take to not undervalue the views that are opposite to one’s own? The validity of theist and atheist knowledge-claims is then analyzed and an answer is proposed to the initial questions.

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Date: Apr 19 2015 09:48 UTC
Author: Atilio Gonzalez Hernandez
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Toda mi vida he buscado con pasión una explicación sobre el sentido de lo real y sobre nuestra transcendencia personal. Encontrándome ya en las últimas vueltas del camino, he sentido la necesidad de exponer en estos artículos que aquí presento, algunas propuestas que resumen tanto camino recorrido. Mucho me ha ayudado en su concepción mi formación de filósofo e ingeniero y mi vocación teísta y espero que aquella o aquel que desee leerlas obtenga la paz que yo he obtenido al escribirlas.

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