Summary South Korea Event

On June 27 we had the honor to participate, invited by the Government of South Korea, at an event about copyright.

The Korean Copyright Commission organized an event around public licenses and new technologies. South Korea’s culture minister chaired the conference.

General view of venue while our COO talks
Safe Creative COO’s talking to the auditorium

We were one of the companies invited to share their experience and knowledge as the world’s leading private registry with more than 300,000 users worldwide.

Explaining the keys for the success of our company
Explaining why Safe Creative is key for online creators

That creators can convincingly express the rights that are reserved or transferred is fundamental for us. We believe that in addition to having sites for the publication of works that facilitate expressing the reserved rights, our service provides the legal security that every creator needs in the short, medium and long term in the form of independent and permanent proofs.

During the interesting conference we were able to explain the keys that have made our service preferred by most creators:

Listening to questions made during the conference
Lots of questions and interest on our solutions

We hope to return soon to the great nation of South Korea. We could see the great interest in South Korea, and Asia in general, for generating solid evidence. In addition, thanks to the registration, it is possible to make these works known with greater security and independence to the whole world.

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