Safe Creative launches new design

We are glad to present a new look for Safe Creative, more current, fresh and modern. In a large part, is the product of your comments and advice. You will see that some features and functions have been reorganized to be easier to find and use.

New card design
New registration card

We have also incorporated, when downloading the registration test, the blockchain audit. Everything you may need in the future is a single site easier to download. Just request your proof of registration.

What changes ?
We have modified the icons, which are now larger and more versatile. Now the new design of the home spreads over the rest of the website.

Type of work selection redisign
Overhauled work type selection

New item layout

New organization of the different possibilities in the page of edition of the work. Now you have tabs instead of showing all the possibilities in the same page.

Registration editing
New registration edition with tabs

New listings with more clearer information at first sight.

We apply the format of the new cards to the listings that show the information in a clearer and differentiated way along with the most common actions.

New listings
The redesigned cards extend to the listings

In addition, it is now possible to recover your account by requesting a code that will be sent by SMS to your mobile. You need to put the correct mobile information or it will not work.

We hope you like it and send us any recommendations you want to make for support.


Ah! Remember that we have an Instagram channel where we publish updates and tips to get the most out of your account. You can also follow us on Twitter and on the Facebook page.

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