Europol Conference: The CNP highlights Safe Stamper’s technology

On June 18 and 19 we attended the Europol event organized in Malaga (

During the intervention carried out by the CNP (National Police Body of Spain) in the course of the event, several operational investigations have been highlighted with special emphasis on obtaining digital evidence objectified with Safe Stamper.

CNP at Europol Conference
CNP talks about the practical use of Safe Stamper to objectify evidences.

The event was attended by more than 400 professionals from security forces and bodies of different nationalities and companies dedicated to the investigation of fraud against Rights Holders.

There was talks, among other issues, of the new modus operandi of organized criminal groups, in the environment of information technologies. The need to have efficient technological tools to objectify highlight promoted or supported events in digital environments (especially in the global communications network), and to fight against these operating methodologies of current crime was underlined.

Safe Stamper has been offering legally robust technological systems for several years now to collect the evidence that security bodies require in the course of their investigations. Many of these proofs are already in important cases in the preliminary investigation.

Currently the SES (Secretary of State for Security of Spain) is conducting an operational test with the new version of Safe Stamper in order to use our tools in a systematic way in various kinds of investigations in the digital environment.

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