Safe Creative includes automatic photo registration on Instagram

—NOTE: Due to problems in the operation of the Instagram platform as of February 6, 2021, automated registration is no longer available. We recommend you to register images and videos directly manually from Safe Creative.—-

Register your Instagram images automatically in Safe Creative as you publish them on the social network.

  • To automatically protect the photos you upload to Instagram.
  • Define if the images can be used or not and under what conditions.
  • With the strength of our permanent evidence and global audit.

This has been one of the main requests we have received to improve and adapt our registration services.

If you have an advanced account, you can activate in Safe Creative the automated registration of photos and videos from Instagram. Once configured, when uploading any photo or video, simply add @safecreative for those to be registered automatically. Safe Creative will generate a permanent and technology based proof for you.

- automatic registration instagram in safe creative -

You can also create several profiles using a different optional hash for each one.

You can activate this service very easily: go to the Services menu (1) – Automatic registrations (2) – Instagram (3), giving it a name for internal use and the username you have on Instagram.

- configure your instagram account to be registered in Safe Creative -

Additionally you can select:

  • Only register the publications that have a certain hashtag.
  • If Safe Creative should add the registration code as a comment to your publication.
  • Should be immediately registered or this should await a period or your confirmation?

Besides that, to complete this you need to indicate the license, rights and information with which the publications will be registered.

Hire your professional or corporate account if you have not already done, and set your automatic recording of Instagram today!

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