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Online registration of visual arts works

Types of works you can register
Are you a creative artist?
At Safe Creative you can easily register all your works! Register photos, drawings, artworks and much more. It serves as proof of authorship on the work, as well as of the exploitation rights that the author reserves or grants to third parties.
Drawing, Painting
Choreography and drama
Electronic pages and Multimedia
3D Models
Proofs with international and permanent validity
Online registration is a great way of protecting authors' rights, especially useful when the work is still young. If the works is unpublished or not widely disseminated, there is a greater risk of it being plagiarized or disseminated by third parties before the creator does so. In other situations, the registry is useful to preserve the status, content and rights expressly defined by the author, so that users can go to the registry to find out the status of a given work.

How to register a visual art work online?

/ Upload file
Select the type of work to register and upload the file that contains or identifies it.
/ Registration details
Indicates title, author and rights of the work.
/ Time stamping and fingerprinting
Safe Creative certifies the exact moment of registration of the file and its content.
/ Certification and information
You now have your evidence to protect and inform about your rights.

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Frequently asked questions about registering visual arts at Safe Creative
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How is a work registered?
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Can I register automatically from Google Drive, Dropbox and Google Photos?
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Can I exhibit or sell my work?
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