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Registration in Safe Creative is based on obtaining three cryptographic fingerprints of the works to be registered, providing them with a double time stamp (TSA) through a time stamping authority with European recognition, and redounding guarantees by being included in the registry in a Blockchain chain. The registration and authorship proofs carried out through it in all the signatory countries of the Berne Convention are useful. Legal solidity.


The service that Safe Creative provides to users without subscription with free registration includes these features:

Up to 20 free registrations with free licenses (Creative Commons or GNU)
Registrations with “© All rights reserved” through individual payments for each subscription.
· 500 MB of allocated storage space
· Informative tags for registrations
· Permanent registration information
· Management of registered works for 12 months


Unlimited registration of works with all services included in the personal subscription for authors (individuals)

Download all proofs and certificates of registration and registration of rights with permanent validity.
Draft Area: to save ideas, sketches, notes and fragments as part of the creative process of a work.
Creators registration: The platform for artists: exhibition and licensing of works
Abuse Notification (Cease & Desist)
Registration of co-authorships: allows the registration of multiple authorship of a work.
Record of versions: These are records of revisions that include modifications or evolution of a work already registered.
Assistant for drafting contracts for licensing and sale of works.
Pseudonym use (in the works registry and/or on the profile and portfolio page).
Automated registrations by Feed, Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos.
Statistics: Service that gives general information on the visits of all the works of the author or of a certain selected one.
Configuration of the registrations made: activation of public information, license modification, linking with other works or versions, etc.
15 Gb of storage (expandable) to save the original files.


Unlimited registration of works in your name and that of your clients, with multi-user access and with all the services included in the corporate subscription.

UNLIMITED registration of related and licensed rights.
Registration registration by delegation or mandate of 50 represented or clients (expandable).
All services included in the PERSONAL subscription
Multi-user access: Create operators to manage records within the organization, company or office.
Processing of 6 registrations in the U.S. Copyright Office without management fees.
100 Gb of storage (expandable) to save the original files.
Certified Publication Service. Accepted by the OEMP.
Registration in the Safe Creative Directory of Legal Experts (for lawyers and professional IP managers)

Exclusive services of Safe Creative registration

Drafts and certificate of the creative process

In Safe Creative you can get proof of your authorship with the creative process certificate. For this, you have the "SKETCHES" area where you can save ideas, drafts, notes and fragments that you generate as part of the creative process of a work. Safe Creative generates a time stamp for each sketch at the time of its incorporation, thus reinforcing the proof of authorship constituted in the registration of the final work.

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Application for U.S. Records CopyrightOffice

The evidence generated in Safe Creative is valid in the US, but if you want to claim “punitive damages” from a lawsuit ( which can reach $150,000 per infringement and the lawyers' fees) said country requires that the work is also registered there. For this reason, Safe Creative offers its users the processing service if needed.

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Certified Publication of Safe Creative, accepted by the OEMP

It is the Safe Creative service that provides coverage to those creators who need to certify certain points at the time of carrying out different registration actions before public bodies in which publication is required. With it, they will be able to have evidence in any of the registration or accreditation procedures before opposition in registration procedures for utility models, patents or designs.

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New Creators

It is the portal for promotion of artists and content creators of Safe Creative. In Creators, artists can publish their own page with their information and portfolio to exhibit their works and also license or sell them. Creators is the portal for exhibition of works registered in Safe Creative that allows to sell licenses of rights of use.

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