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The registration of authorship in Safe Creative provides the author with irrefutable technological proof of his statement and the consequent protection of his rights (Bern Convention - UN). It is highly advisable to register a work before making it known, in order to have established a first declarative proof of its authorship. When publishing the work or showing previous versions, it is possible to do so with greater peace of mind, knowing that the best proof is available over time against whoever might be tempted to claim it as their own.

This registry, which is compatible with the proofs that can be obtained through the national face-to-face registries that still exist, offers important and advantageous differences:

In the national registry

In Safe Creative

Proof of copyright is based

In the administrative presumption of veracity that the law of the corresponding country grants to the official who registers the author's manifestation.

In the technological evidence that constitutes the identification of the work with 3 different cryptographic fingerprints and the date by the application of a qualified time stamp, resulting in a daily audit process on blockchain .

International validity

The official's presumption of veracity is valid in his/her own country.

The expertise of evidence or technological evidence is valid in all jurisdictions.


Normally face-to-face, with work formats in some cases defined and restricted by internal regulations.

On line 24x7, in any format that allows the work to be identified.

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All proofs generated in Safe Creative are permanently valid

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