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Passion between people in love relationships are frequent. When two people fall in love it is not difficult, at least initially, that an excessive passion arises that can cloud the reason. This book is about personal and love relationships, where passion appears overwhelmingly in a couple who, for reasons apart, experience a series of vicissitudes that alter relationships. Passion does not have to be between just two people, it could be between several or affect only one person in the couple, since one person can be in love with another and feel an irresistible passion but not be reciprocated. Not only is passion inherent in couples, because other less pleasant circumstances such as betrayal also arise. Betrayal is a painful circumstance that affects one of the members of the couple more, because the one who betrays does so because of changes in his life generally, and the one who suffers it loses the person he loves and much worse if what he feels it is passion for the loved one. Passion and betrayal are contrary in love and those who suffer it will never forget the betrayal of the couple, even if they forgive, but they are not forgotten and this is not resentment, it is pain. The story he tells is that of a group of friends in whom true, authentic love arises, with inordinate passion. It is a situation that is lived daily in the world of love, with passions, friendships, betrayals, sex, because sex is normal in the 21st century. Betrayal has been a constant throughout the history of humanity and many times a betrayal, in ancient times, especially, although currently also to a lesser extent it ended in duels, attacks and deaths. So betrayal itself is an undesirable fact for anyone. In this fictional novel, the characters intertwine in sometimes explosive relationships. The story revolves, mainly between four friends from a more varied group. These friends are Oscar, Agus, Lucía and Tere and the plot occurs between them, where passion, love, betrayal, sex, sometimes sex in an environment of relative humor arise. After all, sex is not at odds with humor within the couple. Think that also love and humor is good that they complement each other. In this situation, it is not difficult to think that sex appears naturally between these people, as there could be sex among others, that is normal. Lucía and Tere, of course, form the leading female tandem accompanied by Oscar and Agus. Antonio, Alberto and other members of the group of friends are very secondary characters who only support the story by participating little in it. There is no special tension between Tere and Lucía, both are people involved in love and passion, but without real rivalry. Another thing is between Oscar and Agus which is not a very important rivalry and fundamentally between Agus and Tere where the rivalry is important, sparks fly between them. If Tere could Agus she wouldn't last a round for him. Apart from all this, Tere is good people, very hers, very curious, very… without this and more Tere would not be the Tere that Lucia, Oscar, Agus and the rest of her friends know. Lucia, let's say that she is not the opposite of Tere, but she is deferential in the way she is and behaves towards her. She is calm, sweet, loving, a good person, and many more qualities that differentiate her from Tere. In addition, Lucia in sexual matters was also different from Tere, but that did not indicate that she did not know how to always enjoy passionate sex. Lucia was unique for Oscar, although he would verify that Agus thought the same of Lucia and Oscar would discover that Tere is also very special in other aspects that, under normal conditions, would undoubtedly attract Oscar. Agus is a bit of the discordant tone of the story, but it is also true that she gives life to situations, and Tere is the explosive and humorous tone of this fictional story. At this point, let the story begin!

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José Ángel Heras Gómez, nació en Madrid en 1960. Estudió en la Facultad de Medicina de Alcalá de Henares y toda la vida ha estado realizando su profesión en el sector sanitario en diversos lugares, pero sobre todo en el Servicio Público de Salud. Ha trabajado en unidades de Atención Primaria, Médico de Cuidados Paliativos y Médico de Emergencias Extrahospitalarias. Siempre ha estado orgulloso de su profesión por ser vocacional. Actualmente, por motivos personales no continúa en activo. A veces las dificultades mandan. Este libro es la realización de un sueño y de saber si era capaz de escribirlo, y así ha sido, pese a enormes obstáculos. Ahora solo le queda publicarlo por satisfacción personal. Madrid a 27 de marzo de 2021

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