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Sending Protected Works: Guide to Ensure Security and Trust

In an increasingly connected and competitive world, the art of sending protected works is fundamental for any creator. Whether you are a writer, designer, artist, or entrepreneur, knowing how to send your work securely and confidently is vital for safeguarding your rights and building solid relationships with clients and collaborators. In this article, we will discuss how to achieve this and, at the same time, improve your positioning in the professional field.

sending protected works

Importance of Sending Protected Works

In the digital age, your creations can travel the world in a matter of seconds. This presents an incredible opportunity for exposure but also risks such as plagiarism or misuse. By sending registered works, you ensure the integrity of your work and project an image of seriousness and professionalism.

Keys to Sending Your Work Securely and Confidently

1. Register the Work

This is the first step in your journey to send protected works. Make sure to register your creation before sharing it. This creates an official record that can be crucial in the event of disputes over intellectual property.

2. Indicate the Work’s Registration

When sharing your work, it is important to inform the recipients that the work is registered. This can be through a note or label on the file, which serves as a reminder of your rights and adds an additional level of security and trust.

3. Non Disclosure Agreement

In certain cases, especially when you share sensitive information, a non disclosure agreement may be appropriate. This ensures that the other party understands and respects the boundaries in the use of the information you share

Non disclosure Agreement NDA

4. Use Secure Sending Methods

Choosing the right medium to send your work is crucial. Opt for services that allow you to certify that you have sent something by mail, when, and to whom. If you have tools like Safe Stamper, use them to certify the sending of your emails.

5. If you publish your work online for the first time for others to see

If you are going to share a link so that people can visit your work and evaluate it, it is important to include on the website the link to the public information registration page or a label that we provide from each registration in “Registration” – “Information Labels”.

registration labels

But even better than this is to use Creators as your platform to inform and safely showcase your work. You will be able to display the work publicly and link it to the registration information.


Sending protected works securely and confidently not only protects your creations but also enhances your professional image. By following these steps, you ensure the integrity of your work and build relationships based on trust and respect. Remember that your work is valuable and deserves to be treated with the utmost consideration and care.

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