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Responsible Creativity Declaration: Responding to the Challenges of Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Safe Creative wants to be at the forefront of an ethical revolution in response to the challenges generated by the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI, with its ability to generate stunningly realistic images, text, videos and fictional voiceovers, is changing the landscape of creativity and raising new questions about the veracity, authorship and rights of content.

In this context of constant change, we have launched a service that anticipates current and future challenges: the responsible declaration of creativity. This innovative approach provides a legal and ethical framework that fosters transparency and accountability at the growing intersection between AI and human creativity.

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The responsible declaration of creativity

The responsible declaration of creativity of the author is a solution that brings reliability and transparency to the information presented in photographs, articles and divulgation works. This declaration, registered in the copyright registration, makes it possible to identify the authorship and the rights applicable to a work, and whether it is of human or artificial origin.

It is now possible to make responsible declarations of creativity both in new works, in new registrations in the second step, and in registrations already made, by managing the registration in the “Registration” – “Responsible declarations” area.

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The implications of this service are of great relevance to the challenges we face in the AI era such as those we have discussed in this article:

1.- Ethical and legal use of AI-generated content:

While AI-created synthetic content offers new avenues for creativity, it can also be misused, such as to spread fake news or disinformation. Thanks to the responsible declaration, we can differentiate legitimate and creative uses of this content from those that are harmful to society.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

2.- Determining authorship and applicable rights:

In a world where AI can generate works that rival human creativity, determining the authorship and rights of a work can be a challenge. With responsible author declaration, this problem is mitigated, allowing clear identification of authorship and applicable rights.

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Safe Creative’s responsible creative declaration code or label makes it possible to verify whether the content matches what has been declared and to know details such as whether the content is fiction or reality, its creative process, the identity of the person who declared it, and the traceability of the work.

With its firm commitment to ethics and transparency, Safe Creative is paving the way for a future in which Artificial Intelligence and human creativity coexist responsibly and harmoniously. Try the system using this link.

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