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The 4 best online platforms for writers

Platforms for writers are a good option to connect with professionals in the sector and open a path of new opportunities. You will be able to showcase your work, gain visibility and participate in contests and contests, as well as start building a community of followers.

Platforms for publishing writings also help you to position yourself better. If you create an account on these social networks and maintain an active profile, you will appear in search engine results. This is because their domains have a high authority and thousands of visits per month, so they are likely to rank better than a personal website.

That doesn’t mean that you discard the idea of having your own page. The ideal is to create a social profile as a complementary action to your strategy as a writer. On the platform you can put links to your website, blog or portfolio and thus direct a greater number of users. In this post we recommend the 4 best online platforms for writers.

List of online platforms for writers

In the digital era, writing platforms act as communication channels to promote creative work. Some say that if you want to increase the visibility of your work, it is almost obligatory to create a profile on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. But did you know that there are specific social networks for writers?

In the digital era, writing platforms act as communication channels to promote creative work. Some say that if you want to increase the visibility of your work, it is almost obligatory to create a profile on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. But did you know that there are specific social networks for writers?

That’s right! Platforms where you don’t have to compete with millions of users from hundreds of sectors. Below we recommend the 4 best pages to write and start showing your work:

1 . Wattpad

This platform for writers is one of the most popular. It is a very complete social network that allows you to connect with other authors, read their work, comment on it and get feedback with user reactions.

If you have not yet written a complete work do not worry, because there is the option to publish complete texts or by chapters. But the most interesting thing is that they are dedicated to discovering new talents to connect them with global multimedia companies.

best pages to write online

2 . MeGustaEscribir

The ideal literary social network to start publishing books. This platform allows you to create files about your texts, summaries of chapters, explanations of characters… You can even join groups or start new discussion threads.
But undoubtedly, one of the great attractions is that every quarter there is a period for uploading your works. The most valued and read works are forwarded to the editors of Penguin Random House. In the event that a text is selected, it will be published in paper and ebook under the Caligrama imprint.

3 . ClubDeEscritura

They define themselves as a platform for publishing, reading and participation with more than 150,000 readers. Although it is a little smaller than other communities, it has two important advantages.

One is that it allows you to self-publish a book with no length limit. Another is that you can publish enriched texts and include audiovisual resources such as photographs, videos, gifs, sounds, music, links, etc. As in other platforms, authors can read your work to rate it and share it.

4 . Inkspired

Inkspired is an interactive platform for reading, writing and publishing creative stories, books, series, novels, micro-stories, comics, even visual stories. It is intended for emerging writers, book authors, creators, bloggers, comic artists and journalists.

This social network is really useful to interact and get direct feedback from your audience, allowing you to validate your story and improve it every day. It also has a very interesting monetization program in which readers can support the author financially through different ways.

Recommendations for writers before publishing

To make your work known you have to take the first step: publishing. And as we know that it is not an easy task, we give you some tips that you should take into account before publishing a book online:

1 . Review the text

You have probably read everything you have written several times, but it is always good to make a last revision. You should make sure that the writing is very careful and fits the tone of the work, in addition to checking spelling and grammar. If you have the budget to do so, it is best to delegate this task to a professional.

2. Separate the chapters well

As you already know, the chapters structure the text, so you should consider whether the separation you have made is the most appropriate. Make sure that they are not too long or too short and, most importantly, that the content is the most appropriate for each chapter.

3. Include quotes, dedications and acknowledgements

You may only be thinking about the work itself, but don’t forget that in order to publish your book you will have to include the bibliographical references, as well as write a dedication and acknowledgements.

  • Bibliographic citations are used to clarify the origin of the content to which the author has made reference.
  • The dedication is a brief text that mentions one or several people in order to thank them for their support.
  • Finally, in the acknowledgements part, people and institutions that offered their help during the writing process are usually mentioned. For example, to an institution that allowed you to consult its archives to do research on a certain topic.

4. Register your literary work online.

Being able to copy or plagiarize your creative work is one of the greatest fears of authors, especially when they share their first drafts to get feedback. But don’t worry, there are tools to protect all your work, from the drafts to the final work.

Safe Creative has launched the world’s first certificate of the creative process, which allows the registration of sketches, ideas, drafts, uncorrected texts, previous annotations and, of course, the final and finished work. In this way, the creator obtains a double proof of authorship: the date of possession of the finished work and the different dates of the creative process that give shape to the work.

If you are going to share your texts on online platforms or register for contests or competitions, this certificate is very useful. You can do it 100% online from our registration system.

5. Work your social networks

As we said at the beginning of the post, in the digital era you have to have a presence in social networks and create a community, so opening a profile is not enough. You have to publish quality content. Prepare audiovisual material or create debates related to the topic you deal with the most (for example, novels, poetry, comics…). In this way, users will begin to relate you to that topic or genre and, if the quality of the content is very good, you will begin to position yourself as a reference.

writer using social networks

In addition, social networks can be a super powerful tool. Publishers love to see that you have a profile to learn more about you and to verify that a community of readers is following you.

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