Safe Creative supports the authorship of artists’ and content creators’ works with the creation of the world’s first certificate of the creative process

  • The new tool offers artists a proof of authorship that makes it possible to trace the creative process of works over time and reinforces the presumption of authorship.
  • Drafts eliminates possible doubts about the authorship of similar creations by different authors to the point of reliably proving who owns the work.
  • Transforms the copyright registry from a tool for presumption of authorship to a tool to prove authorship.

Madrid, June 21, 2021– Safe Creative, a company that offers technological systems for the generation and management of evidence of authorship and related rights and creator of the world’s first online intellectual property registry, launches the world’s first certificate of the creative process. The tool has been created with the aim of reliably and unequivocally resolving the presumption of authorship of a work when it shows great similarities in comparison with a different work by a different author and both creators claim authorship.

Thus, the new certificate of the creative process designed and created by Safe Creative allows authors to register all the drafts, ideas, sketches, uncorrected texts, or previous annotations that have been generated over time and the evolution of the creation, until its constitution as a final and finished work. In this way, Safe Creative incorporates as proof, not only the priority in the date of possession of the finished work, but also the possession in the different dates of the creative process of the different sketches that give shape to the work.

All of this, together with the registration of the completed work, supports the proof of authorship of a work. Thus, it is possible to create evidentiary elements of the authorship of a completed work. The qualified timestamp, the contributed file, and audited daily on the Ethereum blockchain, together with the redundant elements of Safe Creative thus build a whole series of internationally accepted evidentiary elements that will be key to verifying the authorship of the final work.

With the arrival on the scene of the creative process certificate, Safe Creative marks an important advance as an online intellectual property registry, since it goes from being a tool for the presumption of authorship to become a solution for the demonstration of authorship.

Juan Palacio, CEO and founder of Safe Creative, said “At Safe Creative we have been witnessing the creation of unfinished works as an intervening third party for some time. It has always seemed important to us that it would be possible to register, for example, partial versions of books as chapters are added. Many writers, for example, publish their novels in chapters. The same thing happens with music, but it is difficult to know how many previous intermediate works are created before the first candidate to be shown, or to be considered finished“.

He adds, “In conventional registries, you can only register authorship by submitting the finished work. With the new Drafts tool, from now on, the declaration of authorship can be backed up with a more solid testimony. In this way, the author can prove that he or she has the finished work at a given moment, as always, and from now on, he or she can also claim to have the pieces, certified at each moment, of the different phases that led to the final work“.

How does it work?

The solution is shown in the advanced Safe Creative accounts with a new tab in which, by means of folders, elements of the different creative phases of one or several work projects can be added. Once the work is registered, it is possible to link from the “Creative Process” tab, the sketches that were uploaded at the time, either one by one, a complete folder or several folders.

Each time a sketch is uploaded, it is sealed, fingerprints are generated and included in the blockchain audit file, thus creating a chain of evidence that complements and reinforces the final registration. In addition to the certificate of registration of the work, now the author can have the new certificate of the creative process, and the proof containing all the sketch files contributed with the technological elements that prove its integrity and date of registration.

Mario Pena, head of operations at Safe Creative, points out; “During the period, which goes from when you have the idea, until you finally have the finished work, a lot of material is generated. If we think about it, they are nothing but phases or materials that contribute to create something. This period sees the birth of sketches, drafts, early versions that aim to question the creator him/herself as to whether he/she is on the right track. Often, versions that are shared or shown in part or in full to others“.

The officer continues, “Proof of authorship is stronger if the drafts prior to registration of the finished work are consistent. In the case of a copyright dispute, what is traditionally compared is the finished work. Each party has to prove that it had the finished work in its possession before the other. Whoever has registered before, has a presumption of authorship. But it would not be the first time that this is neither sufficient nor a guarantee. With Drafts, authors have within their reach a robust tool to prove -without any reasonable doubt- the authorship of their works“.

Safe Creative, a Spanish company, introduced for the first time worldwide a disruptive innovation in intellectual property registrations by providing a technological evidence of universal validity, in any court or arbitration that admits technological evidence. This innovation has already been endorsed and adopted by international and local organizations.

About Safe Creative:

Safe Creative is a company that has been offering the most innovative, efficient and advanced technological systems for the generation and management of evidence of authorship and related rights since 2007. The project, which has the support of hundreds of thousands of creators, companies and institutions around the world, has become a regular interlocutor and reference in relation to policies and other aspects related to copyright.

Thanks to the extensive experience of having made millions of registrations, a dedicated and expert team and a permanent interaction with the platform’s users, Safe Creative is a living project that adapts and anticipates the changes necessary to meet the challenges of copyrights in both digital and analog environments.

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