How to create an NFT

How to create and sell an NFT

How to create and sell an NFT has been one of the hottest search trends of 2022 on Google. If you’re an artist, you’ve probably heard of these digital assets. The popularity and appeal of NFTs has skyrocketed, so more and more creators are considering getting into this business to earn extra income.

But let’s start at the beginning. What is an NFT? This acronym stands for Non-Fungible Token, translated as non-fungible token. Let’s remember that non-fungible goods are those that are not consumed with use and cannot be substituted or replaced by other equal ones. With this concept in mind, we could define an NFT as a unique and unrepeatable digital code or token.

Until now, in the online world, files could be easily copied and it was almost impossible to distinguish an original from a copy. But the emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs have changed the rules of the game, making it possible to identify an original digital work by means of an encrypted code.

This has been a real revolution for many sectors, especially the art industry. So if you are thinking of creating an NFT to launch it to the market and see how it performs, we recommend you read this article carefully. In it we compile the best tips to sell an NFT safely.

how to create an nft

Why do you need to create an NFT?

There are many sectors that are betting on NFTs: fashion, sports, cinema, music, video games… But undoubtedly, where it is generating more impact is in the art world. Thanks to NFTs, creators of all kinds can now sell digital art (images, animations, videos…) directly to collectors and obtain higher revenues for their work.

Why have so many artists taken the plunge? Non-fungible tokens also make it possible to protect intellectual property, although they do not constitute proof of authorship. It is important to understand the difference. First, a work is created and, for greater security, it is registered. Then, the NFT is created.

This brings us to the next advantage, reliability. Blockchain technology generates a chain of encrypted data linked to each other. In this way, we can know the provenance of the work and the copyright, even add additional information. Let’s see below how to create and sell an NFT.

How to create an NFT?

You are going to create your first NFT and you want the experience to be as good as possible, right?
As you may already know, in the art world there are no sure-fire formulas. The sale of a work depends on multiple factors. But there are a series of guidelines, a know-how, that can guide you through the process. We recommend you to follow this small guide on how to create a NFT step by step.

Step 1: Theme, concept and format

To make an NFT you will have to choose a theme and define a concept. It is advisable to think about what ideas or emotions you want to convey, to start thinking about what concepts embody that intention. In this first step it is advisable to brainstorm.

Once you have defined what topic you are going to deal with and what concept you are going to work on to transmit those emotions, you will have to decide on the format. For example: an image, a video, a GIF, a song, a poem… For your first NFT, choose a medium you feel comfortable with.

Step 2: Create a community and connect

Like any artist, to start selling in the online world you will need to create a profile on social networks. Selecting the right ones will help you gain visibility and increase interest in your work. Even when you have created a collection of NFTs, you can share the link on your platforms so that the most like-minded audience can see your work.

Step 3: Create your art

You’ve already been thinking about the theme, concept and format you’re going to use. Now is the time to unleash your mind and start the creative process. As you know, each artist has his or her own preferences and time frame. The best thing to do is to work as you usually do, without pressure because it is a different work.

how to sell an nft with creators

Step 4: Mint your artwork

You now have your artwork created. Now you may ask yourself, how do you convert a digital artwork into an NFT? This is one of the most frequent doubts and the answer is: through platforms enabled for this purpose.
There are multiple options (OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, Binance…). For example, OpenSea is one of the most popular because it is easy and intuitive and suitable for all types of NFTs. Moreover, unlike other platforms, it allows you to upload an artwork and mint it (convert it into NFT) for free. The author will only pay the fee when he/she sells it.

Step 5: Sell your NFT

You’re almost there! You’ve created a digital work of your creativity and you’ve turned it into an NFT. Now you just have to choose which platform you are going to sell it on, which brings us to the next point.

How to sell an NFT?

There are a multitude of platforms for the sale of NFTs, so you will have to do your own research to identify the one that best suits your needs. To help you in the process, we have prepared a top 3, taking into account the advantages of each one of them. Let’s go there!

1. Creators by Safe Creative

Creators goes beyond collecting. This platform is one of the easiest and safest ways to sell the licenses of your works due to its reliability and transparency in the transaction, as well as the traceability of the property.

What sets it apart from others is that it uses NFTs as licensing vehicles. Of course, like others, with the goal of increasing their perceived value.

The first thing you have to do to sell your digital assets is to indicate the rights of use or exploitation. It can be a complete assignment of the work, an exclusive assignment of all rights or a license for certain uses. Then, you only have to set the price for each license and that’s it! It’s as easy as that. Also, as a seller, you will be interested to know that Creators uses an IPFS page (a protocol to ensure that license information will never disappear) that links the NFT to the license information.

The novelty is that the buyer can pay for the license of the work through a current payment method such as Visa or Mastercard cards, without having to acquire cryptocurrencies. However, you will need a MetaMask wallet to store the NFT of the work’s license.

2. Open Sea

It is one of the largest platforms in the world of NFTs because, as we have seen in the previous section, most of the creators mint their works there to get more visibility.

In addition to minting, it also allows to buy and sell NFTs. In this case, the transaction is done with cryptocurrencies, so the buyer will need to create a crypto wallet such as, for example, MetaMask.

nft selling platform open sea

3. SuperRare

Another site for selling and buying digital assets is SuperRare. They define themselves as a social network and tokenized digital art marketplace built on Ethereum. So, as you might expect, transactions are made with their own cryptocurrency, Ether.

One of the curiosities is that they only work with selected artists, so to be part of the community and sell in it, it is necessary to complete and submit a form and pass a selection process.

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