Make it easy to reach you

Through the public information page of your works your fans can contact you. And that’s much more important than it may seem.

The public information page is your best guarantee and partner in providing updated registration information.

In general it fulfills several functions:

  • Provide direct and updated information on the status of the registration. Registration of rights, declaration of rights, title, description, date of registration …
  • Putting the link together, or in the work, indicates that the author has the earliest proof of authorship. It discourages plagiarism and facilitates access to more information.
  • Facilitate contact with the rights holder. So that fans or others interested in the work can open a direct communication line with the author.

In each register there are always two fundamental elements of value. The certificate and proof of registration in general, which are the elements that will be used in case of infringement. Another is the public information page. This link shows where there’s more information about it. This helps to make informed decisions as well as to try to interact with the author if needed.

Why is this important?

Online, not knowing who created something and what can be done or not with that something is our daily bread. Ignorance rarely succeeds in doing something correctly. Many copyright infractions and problems come from not knowing enough or being able to contact the rights holders.

A public page of information about the work helps to reduce this uncertainty. To report this link together or within the work, is often our first line of defense.

Our fans help us.

We have seen dozens of cases in which it’s the fans who contact authors when they detect improper ones of their works. This interaction allows any fan to be an active tool to transmit misuse so we can act as we consider.


In a digital environment, with millions of new works created every day, getting the attention of the public is the challenge. Once someone is interested in our work, if they cannot easily reach us we can lose a business opportunity. If there are problems to reach the author, it is very likely that the opportunity passes to another person.

Putting the link of the registration information page is the most efficient way to achieve opportunities and be aware of the uses of our work. If we have information, we can act with the best guarantees.

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