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Metadata. Can I include rights information in the file of the work?

Safe Creative offers the possibility to generate a copy of the file with registration information.

This possibility is active in the advanced registration services in the case of some types of file and works, such as images and audio. Note that the file with the metadata consumes from your storage space because a copy of the registered file is made, but with modifications in the data of the file itself.

Files with compatible images such as: .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpeg2000, .tiff, .psd and .pdf

Supported audio files: mp3.

What is included.


Title of the work, name of the author or authors and the link to the page of their record (URL). Thus, it will always be possible to consult the updated information of rights of the work. The link to Safe Creative's registration page is a pointer to the address where the information is. On the copy, and in a visible way, it also shows a link to the public information page of the Safe Creative registration.

Metadata is also maintained with information that is included internally in the digital file.

Metadata exported using standard nomenclature:

Title of the work: Dublin Core: title

Author(s): In the authorship entries (not in the rights-only entries) Dublin Core: creator and in pdf files also in the author field.

URL information rights: Dublin Core: rights and XMP-Rights: webStatement

Work code: IPTC Core v1.1 extension for XMP: regItemId

Registry organization: IPTC Core v1.1 extension for XMP: regOrgId (We point to http://www.safecreative.org)



A copy of the mp3 file is created with the same audio and in ID3V1, the title if it's empty and the comment informing about the registration in Safe Creative with the code. In version ID3V2.4 the title if empty, the copyright field and the copyright link field pointing to the public Safe Creative registration page.


In the registration management screen we will go to the "Work" tab. In "Files" there will be available a link "Original with registration information" to generate it if it has not been marked when registering that it is generated automatically. If it has been checked before, the file with the metadata can be downloaded.

At the time of registration, by selecting in the registration type "Public registration with download allowed" you can decide whether the download file on the public information page will be the original or the copy with metadata. The latter can also be done with several works at the same time, by selecting them in the list of works and choosing the corresponding joint editing action for all of them.



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