Technology to avoid going out.

Many countries in the world, and millions of people, are experiencing something that has never happened to us on this scale. Given the new reality that we are going to have to experience for weeks or months, staying home as much as possible is key.

For more than a decade Safe Creative has been offering the most advanced tools to carry out important tasks online. This tools generate legally valid technological proofs worldwide from your own home.

If you are a creator, author or rights holder

Tools for anyone

  • Certify the sending of important emails as cancellations, requests or claims: see how. You will create a proof of when and what you have sent to whom in a timely manner.
  • Should you send important communications to employees, customers or suppliers? Safe Stamper notifications will let you know if the communication has been read . You can also certify the response of recipient is able to make using our form.

We hope that these services, and others we offer, will be of help to you in these challenging times. From Safe Creative we will be online to help you as much as what we can.

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