Next Events in South Korea and Germany

Public Domain Conference in Seul, 2019
Public Domain Conference 2019 in Seoul

Next June 26 we will talk in Seoul, South Korea, about Safe Creative and its relationship with the public domain, specifically, the Creative Commons licensed works. We will also comment on the challenges that arise in areas such as culture, official entities and education.

The event will be attended by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of South Korea. We leave you a video of the last year’s edition:

Note: We’ve been informed that the event in Frankfurt has been postponed with date to be determined. Sorry about that.

Later, on September 10, we will speak at the Rights Tech Europe conference, which this time will take place in Frankfurt:

Rights Tech Europe home
Rights Tech Europe in Frankfurt

This is the second time that we participate in a Rights Tech conference. On this occasion, we will share our experience establishing the origin of the works in relation to their authors. We will explain how new technologies, such as the recent incorporation in our system of a blockchain audit, contribute to generate more confidence in the creators and the final users of the creations: registration

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