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Copyright Agents, Safe CreativeCopyright protection frequently means facing complex situations, such as the plagiarism of a work, signing a contract with a publishing house or a record company, learning how to manage copyrights through a copyright management entity, or managing them without one at all. In order to make sensible and well-informed decisions our advice is to always contact experts in the field.

At Safe Creative, we want to work with the best experts in copyright, helping them to expand their professional visibility and reach the people who need them most. Through our agents’ directory, authors and copyright holders who need professional advice can find the right expert for any situation. Relying on the opinion of an attorney or a manager is essential in resolving doubts or eventual conflicts, as well as managing copyrights at a professional level.


What are the advantages?


If you are a lawyer or an expert in copyright, we would like to offer you the following features:


How can I register as an agent?


The goal of this project is to connect copyright holders and copyright experts, by giving the latter more visibility. Therefore, the status of agent is exclusive to professional lawyers and managers and signing up as an agent is free.

It is required, however, to verify the professional status of the applicant. They must be copyright protection experts, capable of managing copyrights and providing legal advice. To verify this, applicants must send valid and sufficient documentation.


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