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Register an Entire WordPess Blog, in One Click


Img WordPress - Safe CreativeThanks to recent changes made in the registration process for WordPress blogs, it will be possible to register all published posts in a single gesture. Up until now, as you probably know, the automated process would start registering blog articles from the moment the service was activated. In order to register older posts, you had to submit them manually to Safe Creative.


How to Register all of my Blog’s Existing Posts

Registration from a web feed is one of the features of professional and corporate accounts, so it won’t be available if you have a basic account. If you are a premium member, you can access at Services > Automatic Registrations.

  1. Add a new feed.
  2. Fill in the gap with the WordPress blog’s URL.
  3. SafeCreative will search for any available feeds and ask which one you want to register.
  4. Select that you want to register all existing posts.

Step 1 SC

And that’s all. The rest of the process remains the same as always.

You can also register all entries of a WordPress you already added to your automated registration feeds. In order to do so, select “Edit” in the “Actions” column of the particular feed.

Step2 SC

At the botton you will find a link to click all existing posts if your webiste is powered by WordPress.

Step 3 SC

Once you click on it, just confirm again that you wish to register all posts and Safe Creative will do the rest.


Please notice: This feature is for standard WordPress blogs with predecible entry links structures. Should this have been customized it might not work.


If you have any doubts or have any difficulties while using the service, please leave a comment or contact us through our contact page.


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  1. This is a great update for registering feeds in SafeCreative. I do plan on having my own self-hosted wordpress blog up and running in the near future. This will make it easier for me to register my articles in SafeCreative.

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